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The Japanese one, of course. It’s always exciting when a new console enters the market, especially for a sales-addicted like me.
During his dedicated conference one week ago, Nintendo spread a lot of info for 3DS related to Japan: this portable platform will be out on February 26th, 2011 there and it will be accompanied with 8 games during the launch days and more to follow in next weeks (also big as Zelda and Resident Evil).

Today Amazon has opened preorders for 3DS launch software, so let’s see how it debuted in the chart! Moreover, I will link to you some nice pages where you can see trend and positions in the Amazon chart.

1. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (¥5,980)

2. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (¥4,800)

3. Ridge Racer 3D (¥6,090)

4. Nintendogs + Cats: Shiba and new friends (¥4,800)

5. Samurai Warriors Chronicle (¥6,090)
graph – preorder

6. Nintendogs + Cats: Toy poddle and new friends (¥4,800)

7. Winning Eleven 3DSoccer (¥5,800)

8. Nintendogs + Cats: French bull and new friends (¥4,800)
graph – preorder

These are the data available until now; Combat of Giants Dinosaur 3D (¥5,040) and Puzzle Bobble 3D (¥4,980) are missing in action. Plus Steel Diver, (out on March, 17th) and Gundam the 3D Battle (out on March, 24th) are available.

As expected, strongest titles have started strongly: Professor Layton is at the top of the 3DS chart (and also of the global chart), followed by Super Street Fighter, the usual Ridge Racer which has become a constant launch release and Nintendogs versions, which summed surely have the 4th position by themselves.
I’m looking forward to seeing how these games will perform once out; meanwhile, we can check Amazon preorders chart to have an idea.


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