March 31st, 2011 is the date decided by Square-Enix to launch in the Japanese stores the expansion of the last Dragon Quest entry.  Many more monsters than Joker 2, new moves and maps will attract video gamers who have followed Dragon Quest Monsters throughout years (and Nintendo portable consoles).
The interesting question is: how much will the game end up in its LTD?

As the first re-edition of the series, quite similar to what Capcom has always done with Monster Hunter Portable on PSP, it is difficult to predict the commercial performance;  Square-Enix has surely been cunning to place the game just some weeks before the Golden Week, a traditional Spring holiday in Japan, when usually the sales go up by a large margin. Joker 2 Professional is mostly dedicated to a young audience, one of the best buyer during the late April vacation.

The original chapter had crossed the million mark, ending with a total of 1.234.192 copies, and even though saw a 16% decrease from the previous one, it has showed the strenght of the brand becoming one of the best-seller of this 2010 and the 22nd game in the DS chart.
Might Professional aim at doing better? I don’t think so.
Might Professional aim at doing worse? Surely it might. It’s just an enhanced version of a one-year old game! But how much worse? I do think that 400-500.000 will be a good mark; this would bring Joker 2 at about 1,7 million, not so bad: a great goodbye to Nintendo DS for Square-Enix!