Chrono Trigger is usually referred as one of the most beautiful jRPG of all time. Developed by the so-called “Dream Team” (Sakaguchu-Horii-Toriyama-Uematsu-Mitsuda) from Squaresoft, the game was released on SNES only in Japan and United States in 1995 and was one of the last masterpiece of the 16-bit Nintendo console. It made its return on PS1 some years ago and on DS with an enhanced porting in 2008, arriving for the first time in Europe.

At the time, the game sold a huge amount of copies in Japan, overtaking episodes from famous brands such as Romancing SaGa 3 and Kirby’s Dream Land 2 and placing itself only behind Donkey Kong Country 2 and Final Fantasy VI. In North America it achieved a more moderate success, but it went to sell on average with other jRPG like Secret of Mana and Earthbound. Here the data from SNES and PS version:

Japan (SNES): 2,030,000 copies
Japan (PS1): 330,000 copies
North America (SNES/PS1): 290,000 copies
(total: 2,650,000 copies)

Although european data are not available, there are some numbers from the other territories concerning the DS version. The game was released on Novembre 2008, and these data are until December 2008, so they are surely not so updated, but they can give a good idea of the game sales:

Japan: 490,000 copies
North America: 220,000 copies
(total: 710,000 copies)

Square Enix spied out to see how many people were still interested in the game.
Such numbers are quite good for a porting of a 13 years old jRPG, and with the european sales, a million copies worldwide seems reasonable.
So, what will the plans concerning the brand Chrono be for the software house?
It might develop a porting of Chrono Cross (the sequel came out for PS1 in 2000) somewhere, maybe on DS itself and then start the creating of the third entry in the series (well, actually there’s already a third entry, and its name is Radical Dreamers, but it is usually considered a game apart because of its limitated release and its genre). Or maybe the DS porting was only an occasion to milk the name, well knowing that there are a lot of fans in the world attached to the adventures of Crono, Marle and co.

Time will tell (and in this case, it is a proper sentence).